Jaime and Carlos here to share SimpleMentesLibres with you! After a long gestation, we are finally ready to present our new company to you! We are a partnership looking to empower the youth of the world and create mindfulness through education. We believe communication is key to opening up opportunities for young people.

Kids need fun and inspiration to learn. With our new flashcard game we’re creating just that, a fun way to learn a new language! We’re starting out with learning the verb ‘to be’ in English. Later on, as SimpleMentesLibres gets off and running we’ll be creating more flashcard games, coloring books and other fun teaching materials. Once we get the English materials running, we plan to introduce other languages, like Spanish and Japanese.

English is becoming increasingly necessary in our interconnected world. Quite a few schools offer it either as a mandatory or highly recommended requisite. Most university masters and Ph.D. programs demand a certificate of English competency. Travel is another example, whether for business or pleasure, a lot of times people will attempt to communicate in English if the local language is not shared. Entertainment, politics, medicine, the list continues to grow. What’s important to learn from this is that, when there is a shared language we can use it to spread ideas. Let’s use it to create peace and change in the world.

To us at SimpleMentesLibres, it’s more than just learning language to communicate. It’s learning a new way to think. To think from another person’s, another culture’s perspective. That’s what it is to be fluent in a language. By using unconventional imagery that challenges current stereotypes, we hope to encourage kids to think for themselves and develop their own ideas about communication and connection. That’s why we call ourselves Simply Free Minds.

We want to welcome you again to the world of SimpleMentesLibres and thank you for taking the time to participate with us on this journey of creating freethinkers for the future!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

Love and Peace,

Jaime and Carlos of SimpleMentesLibres