Being in Idaho with my family and Carlos for Halloween was such a treat! We drove up from Kingman, Arizona the day before and were able to really enjoy the whole day and night with the whole bunch. My sister, brother-in-law and four of their children live in Boise. Tim, our “second dad” was in town for just the weekend, Kayla, my oldest niece (from this group) had driven over from Oregon to surprise the family and my mama had made it over from the East Coast just in time for us all to be reunited and to meet Carlos too! For me, it was like a dream come true. For Carlos, just being a part of a “real” American Halloween was enough. All of the family love was an added bonus!

For some reason the whole day seemed very Un-Halloween-like….None of us could explain it. It was just like any other weekend day, hanging out, visiting, napping, playing, enjoying each other’s company.

Out of the grown-ups, Carlos and I were the only ones who appeared to feel like going Trick-or-Treating. But at the last minute, we had a dragon (without wings), a wizard, a pegasus, Minnie Mouse, Jack Skellington, a strange pink haired princess (for the dragon without wings, of course), a fly swatter and a large array of non-costumed adults and one “normal” teenager. We all went out together, as it should have been! JOY!

Seeing Carlos experience Trick-or-Treating was priceless. It was like experiencing his true child self. I often have the pleasure of witnessing this side of him, but this was a step up from what I usually see. He said to me at one point, “I should have grown up here.” People were commenting on his costume in admiration. He kept saying he was the Pumpkin King. The whole family’s hearts were tickled by his delightful experience and living vicariously through him.

Some of the houses were elaborately decorated. Most of them were not, but the ones that were, were done quite well and some of them rewarded you for facing your fears with big candy bars. Our little dragon faced his fears!!! They all did, but it was hardest for him.

When we got back to the home front, it was time to attend to our Trick-or-Treaters. Jack Skellington was the star of the night! He ran to open the door every time and really got into his part. When someone knocked on the door, he knocked back. One little girl pretended to faint when she saw him, as he is one of her favorites! The mama of our house was thrilled that there was an attendant and she could have a break for one year. And while we awaited the last of the candy seekers, we enjoyed watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ together on the sofa.

I am so glad that we came at this time of year. And with all of the death that has visited us this year, it was nice to celebrate with our loved ones, living and non…

Love and Peace,