So, we are at the half way mark on our trip now! It’s gone by very quicky. So much has happened in three weeks. We have experienced quite a few different thoughts, feelings, connections and places.

We have been to Los Angeles, Kingman, Las Vegas and Boise. We have been drawing away and talking to everybody about our plans and progress. Carlos has put most of my family into ink and the whole world must know about us now, as I always seem to have some sort of social media attached to my mind and fingertips in my free moments. (Something that is VERY challenging for me to accept.)

A lot of the work that is being done with this project is our own inner work and the constant recommitting to it. A major part of what we are sharing with the world is our own examples of character and integrity. We face challenges every day in the area of relating to others, on all different levels, as everyone does. When hard times present themselves in communication, I am always trying to focus on the presence within me rather than lose myself in the drama. After the “storms”, I reflect and try to see where I can adjust my own thoughts and behavior if they’re not in alignment with what I would like them to be. Writing about it sounds almost silly to me, but after years of dedication to personal development, I know better, and readjust my perspective here as well. It’s not silly and it’s not a light subject. The inner work is so hard sometimes that I feel like giving up. But my commitment to myself and the work is much stronger than that weakness. Thank goodness.

If we are making teaching materials that inspire kids to live in alignment with nature and truth, we need to be the best examples of that as we possibly can. On this trip I have been reminded of the importance of meditation and finding quiet moments. I feel very inspired to strengthen my mind even more. We have also been challenged by the dietary choices here. We are both feeling a pull to take better care of our precious bodies, our temples.

We were working away at a coffee house the other night, when we were approached by a sweet girl from the table next to us. She offered to feature Carlos in her new artist magazine, Honeycomb Mag!Super exciting to have her show interest! It’s so lovely to see Carlos’ face light up when people acknowledge his art. He is still learning to believe in himself. This project is giving him the opportunity to grow in his faith in himself and his artistic talent. The look on his face is priceless when he sees his value. It’s what we are all wanting, validation. Every one of us deserves to know our worth and to never doubt it. This project’s focus is to get more people feeling valued and empowered. JOY!

Another exciting piece of news is that we will be fundraising here in my sister’s community with haircuts! Carlos will be making his rounds to homes of Hidden Springs to make some of the kiddos’ hair smile! 😉 My sister kindly spread the word about the project and our idea to raise funds within her community and the interest is growing! One lady even offered to let us use her salon! These are the small kind acts of strangers that remind us of the Universe’s plan for us and this project that is slowly but surely coming to life! We are so grateful!

The last thing I will add is that we assisted an Euskara class at the Basque Museum here in Boise! It was so much fun and again, to see Carlos’ eyes light up!!! To see the Basque culture and language here, so far away, and in such a foreign land, was truly something else! We’d gone in just to observe, but the teacher and students happily included us in their lesson and games! We had a blast.

Now we are looking forward to finishing up the last few drawings for the cards, designing the box and display, and meeting with a few schools and educational groups in California. We are also hoping to find a printer here so that we can print cards in the U.S. once we are ready to take that step. We are excited about our journey and hope that you’ll come along with us for the ride!

Peace and Blessings!