It’s been a great week! We have traveled from Boise to Portland to North Bend and tomorrow we are off to the California Bay Area.We are soaking up the love and adventure along the way! Hopefully those around us are feeling the joy that we are feeling and are being nurtured by our presence as well!

Right before leaving Boise, we had the awesome opportunity of meeting with my nephews’ school, Anser. It’s a Charter Elementary School and from the outside it looks like any old school. When you open the door and go inside, it feels a bit magical. 🙂

We met with Michelle, who is the equivalent to the principal, but is called the “Education Director”. She had generously set aside thirty minutes for us to present the project to her! We were thrilled and she was so sweet! 🙂 She enjoyed our presentation and asked how she could help us. We asked her if she wouldn’t mind spreading the word about us and our mission in an upcoming newsletter and she said she would, gladly! We are looking for more newsletters to be featured in, so if you have anyone in mind, please let us know!

It was such a lovely time in Boise with the family, that of course it was sad to go! But we really had a lot of meaningful moments with everybody we visited there and got to know the kids so much more, so we left feeling grateful and fulfilled! Kayla, my oldest niece, (from my sister Melisa) drove over to Portland with us. That was such a treat! I got to spend many of those driving hours in her car. And the drive was breathtaking. 🙂 Every day and place we go I think we feel more and more fortunate.

Portland was a brief stop. We took advantage of the time we had there visiting with Kayla and our friends Deanna, Stefano and their daughter Olivia! Kayla also took us to get the colored pencils (Sales tax free!!! Thanks Oregon!) that Carlos will need for the coloring process for the cards! We are getting close to that stage! He has three drawings left! JOY!

When we arrived in North Bend, OR to visit one of my closest friends, Candy, we stumbled upon a very unusual cafe on the main street, right when you enter the small town, after crossing the beautiful bridge. We popped in to Crossroads Community Cafe to see the menu and they pointed to the window and said, “We have vegetable soup and lasagne.” My thought pattern immediately came up to articulate the lack of choices and that I didn’t eat meat, etc. The lady who’d greeted us informed us that it was a non-profit and that each meal only cost two dollars and that the veggie soup was not only vegan, but very popular.

Carlos and I looked at each other and I told him it was his choice. He decided that it sounded good, I agreed, and we sat down at one of the many empty tables. We’d arrived just in time, as they’d be closing thirty minutes after we sat down. Lucky us! We inquired about what kind of establishment we were supporting, and enjoying, and one of the lovely volunteers explained to us the history of the quaint little restaurant.

The two ladies who run it had found a place in Portland that offered healthy and delicious meals to the public for a very low cost and decided to do the same here. The idea is that all humans, no matter their circumstances in life deserve to have a wholesome hot meal served to them with dignity and respect in a clean and friendly restaurant setting. A lot of North Bend’s homeless community eat there daily and most of their customers are senior citizens that can’t cook for themselves and want to eat in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Right up our alley! We were thrilled to be supporting them and ate one of the healthiest meals so far on our travels! We shared our project with them and made a lovely connection. 🙂

That’s all for now. Hope you are all shining bright like the stars that you are!