Hello happy free minds!

We’ve been so busy getting back into the swing of things on this side of the planet! I am so excited to be back on schedule and sharing with you all once again, you beautiful beings!

I hope that life is treating you and your loved ones as well as it’s treating me. I am so happy to be back in my sweet refuge of a home after long travels. I hadn’t been back to visit my family in over two and a half years. That was the longest that had passed in my life without seeing and squeezing them in person. It was a bit too long. I try to get back for a visit every year, but some times it just doesn’t work out that way. I am ever so grateful that I could be there this year and with Carlos, spreading the good news of our heart’s work, this beloved venture of a project! JOY!

In this post I’d like to focus on gratitude and hopefully inspire you all to explore your own thankful hearts. 🙂 Oprah gave me the idea years ago to write in a gratitude journal. Since 1997/8? I have kept up that practice. I do it in my own way, but I have definitely adopted the extremely powerful practice of focusing on what I am grateful for on a daily basis. Sometimes before bed, sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes first thing in the morning, I write down all of the things that come to mind that I am thankful for. I always have to stop myself at some point because the list is endless.

Sometimes the mind can play tricks on us and act like it’s difficult to find things to be grateful for. When you really sit with your heart’s voice, you can’t stop the flow of countless images, feelings, sounds, people, moments, etc.

I love teaching children the origin of their food and all of the things, people, resources, energy, thought, etc. that is involved in bringing that one salad to their table. When you really break it down, it seems ridiculous. It can be a really fun game having students name more and more things connected to the apple in their lunchbox. From the obvious tree, sun, water, soil and such to the almost always forgotten people who grew the fibers and greased the machines that the farmer’s clothes were made on and from…and so on. Imagine linking everything back to the original potato…??? You’d need many lifetimes just to make the list.

I’d like to say that coming home I have really been spending time focusing on how thankful I am for the prices and quality of fresh produce here. I am always reminded of how fortunate we are over here when I visit the states and the high prices for fruits and vegetables. It’s so tough for people on a budget to eat healthy and whole foods over there. We saw tangerines for $7.99 for 3 lb. in Idaho and we get them here for 99 cents to 3 euros per kilo! We also saw a five dollar artichoke and lemons that cost $1.69 per lemon! We are sooooooooooo grateful to live, cook and eat here!

(Those prices are all per kilo.)

I will leave you with a short list of things that I am grateful for. 🙂

Trees and visiting the really big ones in California,
Feeling confident,
Emotional balance and well-being,
Excellent health of my body and all of its parts and mind,
Silly moments with nieces and nephews,
Christmas lights that warm corners of rooms,
Healthy homemade veggie soup,
Low cost (and super tasty) tangerines 🙂 ,
Loving and supportive friends and family,
Dark and hard times that show me my strength and light,
Street cleaners and the ones who love and care for them,
Best friends who make dreams come true,
Loving messages from sweet family and friends,
Big brothers here and gone,

Thank you.

A dear poet master friend of ours Natalie Patterson, made a wicked video on gratitude last month. If you click on her name here, you can see it on her site! It’s really inspiring.

May all beings be happy and liberated!