Hola and Hello beautiful beings!

We are here again to let you know what we’re up to and to wish you all a happy entrance into the sweet season of winter! (For those of you that are experiencing winter, of course! 🙂 )

We have been busy as bees spreading the word about our project and we had the delightful opportunity to have a stand at Collaboration Station last Sunday and took part in a magical display of art and talent! We spoke with many different unique souls about what we are doing at SimpleMentesLibres and had the special chance to share the drawings for the cards with many people in person! We were also selling our handmade accessories to raise funds for our goal! Thank you to Abi and everyone who helped make the event happen!

We are in Málaga (and Sevilla) for the holidays with Carlos’ family where we plan to spread more awareness of our ventures with people! We’ll be in touch again after the holidays to update you all with our news.

We’ll leave you with our wishes for this holiday season!
We wish peace and happiness for the hearts and minds of all beings.
We wish equality and freedom for everyone.
We wish compassion and understanding for every person on earth.
We wish food, shelter, clean water and comfort in abundance for every living soul.
We wish healthy communication and emotional well-being for anyone with a heartbeat.
We wish good health to you and yours!
May all beings be happy and may our world reflect it in every way.
We wish you and all beings complete security and trust in yourselves and the universe.
May peace be with us all. We all derserve it!
Gracias por existir.
Merry Christmas!

Love Always,
Jaime and Carlos