Hello lovely beings!

Entering the now…How does one “enter the now”? It always strikes me that we have to ask ourselves just that…HOW? There are endless possibilities to the answer to that question. I shall offer one very simple one that takes almost zero effort or training. Check and see if you are breathing.

This fast, easy and universal practice will put you directly into the moment. Are you breathing in this moment? How about now? And now? You can put your attention on the air that goes in and out of your nose, on your chest or belly that rises and falls, or whatever feels best and natural to you that connects you to the awareness of your respiration.

I know, it sounds silly, too simple, but really, this is a giant step in becoming fully aware of each passing moment, becoming completely conscious of everything that you think, feel and do. Why do we want to do this? Why are we hearing more and more about mindfulness and meditation these days? Because this is one of the greatest universal ways to end suffering for ourselves and our planet. We have the power to change the way we think, feel and act. One of the powerful tools we have been given is that of our mind and our will to control it.

This simple exercise that can be done at any place, at any time, that costs nothing and that virtually anyone that is breathing and has sense of it can do is transforming the lives of millions of people all around the planet at this very moment. Every time that you put your attention on your breath, you break the cylce of obsessive thought that is usually controlling your mind’s attention. When you consciously put your attention on your breathing, your life force, you gain authentic power. You begin to create new habit patterns of the mind and amazing benefits come along with these new patterns. Some of those benefits are more clarity; better and quicker decision making; greater focus and concentration; healthier relationships; healthier bodies and minds; emotional stability; less dependency on substances, technology and people; and more overall happiness and well-being.

This can be (and must be, in my opinion) taught to kids as soon as they are old enough to communicate. I teach my students this technique in my classes, starting at age three. Before each class, we spend one minute with our eyes closed, our backs and necks straight, training our minds to focus on the incoming and outgoing breath. We don’t try to control our breathing, we just watch it and see what it’s doing. Is it fast, slow, long, short? Does our mind wander a lot? Do we have to return to the breath many times? The important thing is that we do it before every class and we train our minds to focus on our life force, our breathing, with patience and persitence.

There is an excellent program for schools called Quiet Time that you can check out here. They give a great guide and set of resources for introducing meditation and present moment awareness to school children.

This is the best way I could think of to wish you all a lovely and healthy 2016. This tool that requires nothing but a moment’s attention is the best gift you could ever give another living soul. Let’s give it to the children so they don’t have too many negative patterns to break! They can just build on good healthy patterns! That’s where the good decisions will come from. That’s how our political system will change. Empower them with their own power! Happy 2016!

See you next year! (In the moment)

Love and Blessings,
Jaime (and Carlos)