It’s the first card that came to be in our deck…that of patience.

People used to always tell me, almost daily, that I was such a patient person… I used to make jewelry a lot, every day, and much of the time in public. I also teach grown-ups and children. That requires a lot of patience, I am told.

People always say “I don’t have the patience.” I hear this phrase all the time, and when the people tell me how patient I am, it is usually followed by a “I don’t have the patience for that!”

It’s funny how people look at themselves and each other. Sometimes my ego says, “Oh yeah Jaime, you are so patient…”, and I feel very proud and satisfied. Other times, it says, “What is wrong with you? Why are you so impatient?”. Then I usually feel a lower frequency sensation, although sometimes this one is very subtle and hard to detect without a bit of stronger attention, as I have been training myself quite consistently to not go with my negative thoughts about myself for around twenty years now.

It’s only in the last ten to twelve years that I have been checking that first feeling of pride and satisfaction too. I try to be aware of that feeling, or those feelings, and to be equanimous with them. I am still very far away from the equanimity that brings true peace and harmony, but each moment I have the intention to be equanimous and so closer and closer I get. Patience…

It seems to me that everything in life requires patience, so why not start affirming and cultivating that quality as much as possible? I’d love to hear more, “I am becoming more and more patient every day,” or “I had a lot of patient moments today,” or “Waiting in this line gives me the opportunity to practice patience.”

I am so grateful that patience has come “easily” to me, as I think it has saved me a lot of unwanted suffering. I am also grateful to know where I am in relation to patience, and that is, STILL LEARNING.

Yesterday we played a game in my English class where we had to pick the best word for patience, either “caveman” or “director”. My first idea was “director”, because naturally, we are evolving and we must be getting better at patience. Then I realised how undistracted we must have been during the time of cavemen. They REALLY had to be patient.
I am learning a lot about patience with this project. Patience with other people, patience with the flow of money, patience with the creative process, patience with my own expectations and limits…patience in a LOT of areas. Antoni Gaudi’s spirit helps me when I feel unnerved or impatient. His greatest work, La Sagrada Familia, is projected to be finished somewhere around 100 years after he died…People always ask, “Why has it taken so long?”, and the reason is mostly surprising to me…It has to be built purely from the hearts of the people, from their contributions. No big companies or brands can sponsor the building of it. At least this is what I have understood…
May each of us grow more patient each day and enjoy the process. Good things take time, they say, and in my experience, it’s mostly been true.