Hi Beautiful Beings!

Carlos and I hope that life is treating you kindly and that
you are enjoying every moment of this glorious life. J

Lately I have been starting my days with a nice morning
by Louise Hay that reminds me to direct my thoughts toward the
positive things in life and to begin each day focused on appreciation. It’s so
easy to get focused on the difficulties that face us, but that habit isn’t very

By consciously shifting my attention to the fact that the
miracle of indoor plumbing blesses me every day and that I have working
appliances and body parts, I create a strong base of gratitude and appreciation
to construct my daily doings upon. I find it much more empowering than focusing
on whatever political news has emerged while I was recharging my physical self.

Often I will then sit down to write for a bit in my journal
about positive aspects. I will write affirmations for my own life and for the
beings and world around me. This helps me keep my attention on the positive
side of things when challenging moments arise throughout the day.

We would love to hear about your morning rituals and
anything that you have to share! Thank you all so much for your continued
support and inspiration!

Happy day!