Hello Beautiful Beings!

Jaime here to answer a few questions we’ve been getting about our budget and where the money is going to.(Breakdown of costs below)

I dreamed up SimpleMentesLibres, I had no idea all the things that
would go into making it a reality. It’s been a very enlightening
journey. It’s not just the cost of printing the cards (which can only be
done with our local printer in runs of 5000 decks! Who knew?!). There
are also the legal fees of setting up a business internationally.
Currently, we’re setting it up as a business in Spain under my freelance
status, under which I’ll have all liability for the company. We’d like
to eventually change that to make SimpleMentesLibres an internationally
incorporated company. There are also other legal fees for lawyers and
taxes and intellectual property rights.

is what we’re all about here so we want to make sure everything shared
with our community has perfect grammar and spelling which means getting
professional translations done.

and I also need help spreading the word about SimpleMentesLibres. We
started a GoFundMe page last year, without much success. So we’re
learning from our mistakes and have found someone to manage our online
presence and another person to help us make and edit a professional
video for our GoFundMe page. GoFundMe also charges us for using their
service. Other online costs include purchasing a domain name and paying
for advertising.

on to the supplies. We had to get what is called an Artist Loan (which
we have to pay back) to support Carlos’ needs for the project. There
were other necessities like business cards and a tablet to be more
mobile while giving presentations.

we’ve been traveling around to network with local businesses and
companies to source, print and distribute our products.

order to expand into the international market, we traveled to the USA
in October to collect more contacts and spread the word about what we’re
all about! The trip was gifted to us by some of our best friends who
are really eager to see our dreams realised. Our gratitude goes beyond

was the long explanation of everything. Here is a list of accounts so
everyone can see exactly where all the money is going.

The Budget:

Local printer with a minimum print run of 5000 decks (tax included) 2700€

Intellectual property rights (Spain only)+other legal expenses for startup 2000€

Administration costs, accounting and social security (first year) 2200€

Web/Social media/Campaign management (10% of what is raised) 1100€ Video production 400€

Art and tech supplies 300€

Crowdfunding fees (8% on each contribution) 880€

Business cards, stickers, post, travel, website, ads, (being very frugal) 200€

Translations 200€

Loan we need to pay back for Artist Support 1200€

Total 11,180€

*Additional long running legal fees 15.000€ (not included in total, this is a future goal)

and I have personally taken on a lot of these costs but not without the
help a few beautiful generous beings! We’re hoping through this
crowdfunding campaign we can raise enough funds to get
SimpleMentesLibres off the “free time shelf” and onto “this is our
everyday life shelf”. Once we get the first run of flashcards printed
and sold, we want to create enough interest that our future teaching
materials will be able to sell on their own.

I love teaching and will always continue to do so, SimpleMentesLibres is an extention of that.

platform for learning language in a more mindful way, to encourage
freethinking in the youth and explore new ways to communicate. Carlos
will continue to develop his style, working with SimpleMentesLibres and
hopefully he will soon be able enter into the Visual Arts and Comic
School of Barcelona.

like to thank you again for taking the time to follow us and any
contribution you were able to give. Especially passing us along to
others! It takes a village to raise a baby, SimpleMentesLibres is my
baby. Help Carols and I raise it to its full potential to help the youth
learn language in a mindful way and spread the seed of freethinking!

Love and Peace,

working on all sorts of new goodies to THANK YOU for your
contributions! Make sure you don’t miss anything! Follow our campaign