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A Date with the Artist Within…

art Posted on Sun, February 28, 2016 12:50PM

Hello sweet beings!

Carlos and I have been so busy these days meditating,
working our day jobs and coloring the last drawings for our deck of cards that
time has flown by and it’s now already the end of the month! Wow! We hope that
you are all doing well and that your wishes are all coming true for yourselves.

I’d like to take this time to share with you my thoughts on
a practice that has many benefits in the self-love area. It’s called “The
Artist Date”. There’s a lovely book called The Artist’s Way, which is a great
tool for reconnecting, (or connecting) with one’s creativity. My mother gifted
me this treasure long ago, and it is there that I discovered this simple yet
very powerful practice.

You basically choose a day and time that you will make a
date with yourself, as you would do when planning a drink with a friend or
lover. Then you choose the place or event that you will share with yourself.
You can also be flexible with it and see what comes up in the moment. Maybe you
have decided to go to the park and write in your journal, but when the moment
arrives, you really feel like visiting the octopi at your local aquarium and
you do that. Maybe you write in your journal at the aquarium with the magical
creatures, or maybe you end up finding the octopus doing fascinating things so
you just sit in wonder with what you find… The latter is what happened to me on
my last official artist date.

It’s completely up to you! That’s the joy! You make space
for you to just enjoy yourself. There are no rules. Somehow this simple act of
self-care nurtures the part of your being that you can become more in touch
with your creative ideas and guidance. If you do it regularly, you might begin
riding a wave of creative flow and see parts of yourself that you might not see
that clearly when you are caught up in your routine and attending to others. It’s
a nice path to expansion.

The other day I came across this great blog that reminded me
of this healthy habit. It is full of interesting exercises and activities for
building a strong self-esteem and a happy life. I hope that you are inspired to
make your next date with your artist within soon and that it brings you joy and
connection to your creative self!

Happy day!

El Proceso…(The Process…)

art Posted on Wed, January 06, 2016 07:18PM

(English below)
¡Hola Mentes Libres!

¡Feliz 2016!
Esperamos que estéis muy bien y que estén cumpliendo vuestr@s deseos. 🙂

Este blog es el primero del año y quisimos empezarlo explicando os el proceso que hace Carlos para crear un dibujo para una carta. Esperamos que os guste.

Primer paso:
Pensar y hablar de lo que vamos a usar para captar la palabra y cualidad que queremos transmitir. Esta parte puede durar bastante porque los conceptos que estamos usando son muchas veces muy difíciles de dibujar. A veces decidimos una escena y nos damos cuenta de que esta transmitiendo otra cosa que no queremos transmitir. Por ejemplo, para “Ser Paciente”… La idea vino a Carlos de dibujar a un niño o niña esperando en la cola en el supermercado y de repente se dio cuenta de que esa imagen también enseña el consumismo. Pensamos que podríamos ser mas pensativ@s y llegar a otro ejemplo para “Ser Paciente”. ¡Y lo conseguimos!

Segundo paso:
Hacer esbozos de lo que va a aparecer en la carta.

Tercer paso:
Dibujarlo en lápiz y revisarlo.

Cuarto paso:
Dibujarlo en bolígrafo.

Quinto paso:

Este proceso también depende de la energía creativa que nunca se puede predecir.
En la baraja que estamos creando ahora, habrán 23 dibujos originales para las cartas, el dibujo que irá detrás de cada carta, el dibujo de la carta, y los dibujos del expositor.

¡Carlos esta a punto de acabar los últimos dos dibujos de las cartas y estamos muy emocionad@s! Pronto empezará a colorearlos. Deséanos mucha calma y inspiración para esa fase muy importante. Gracias por todo vuestro apoyo siempre. 🙂

Jaime y Carlos

Hello Free Minds!

Happy 2016!
We hope that you are all doing very well and that your dreams are all coming true!

This is our first blog post of the year and we’d like to start off 2016 by explaining the process behind the production of the cards to you. We hope that you enjoy it!

First step:
Thinking and talking about the imagery that will be used to transmit the word and value that we want to share. This phase can take a while because it can be very challenging to draw some of the concepts that we want to present. Sometimes we decide on one scene, and then we realize that it’s also transmitting something that we don’t necessarily want to focus on. For example, with “Be Patient”, Carlos had the idea of drawing a child waiting in line at the supermarket. Then he thought, “That’s also conveying consumerism…” We thought that we could be more creative and come up with something else for “Be Patient”. And with a little time and patience, we did!

Second step:
Carlos sketches until he gets what we want to use on the card.

Third step:
Pencil drawing of the image is made and then it’s revised.

Fourth step:
Drawing is done in ink.

Fifth step:
Color is added.

This process also depends on the creative inspiration, which is never predictable. In the deck that we are currently designing, there will be 23 original drawings, the drawing that will go on the back of each card, the drawing for the box and the drawings for the display.

Carlos is just about to finish the last two drawings for the cards! We are super excited and can’t wait to start the coloring process! Please wish us much peace and inspiration for this next very important phase! Thank you for all of your support always! 🙂

Love and Blessings,
Jaime and Carlos