Hi happy people!

Thought I’d tell you all a bit about our market adventures. Last month we decided to participate in a 1€ second hand market in Poble Nou at the Ovella Negre Bar. It’s called Two Market and happens every first Sunday of every month and they get quite a bit of traffic. I’d heard about it from a lovely face painter called Kate. I met her at a fundraiser for a festival where I was selling felt roses to raise funds. She told me about the market and encouraged me to sign up for it.

We signed up for September’s Two Market and gathered as many items from home as we could. We sold all of the “good stuff” and donated a lot of the leftovers to people who were taking things to Morrocco to sell there. It was really interesting to see how people really take care of how they spend their individual Euros and the experience of haggling down to 50 cents on some items. We were really pleased with the results, so we decided to try and make it happen again in October. But what would we sell?

Carlos and I reached out to our amazing community of friends and in the first day, already had twelve or thirteen people wanting to pass things along to us that they were no longer using. We would sell the things to benefit SimpleMentesLibres and our trip to the States. It was loads of fun preparing for it and meeting everyone while picking up their old treasures.

Many people didn’t realize that each item would only be sold for one Euro. When I mentioned it, many were quite taken aback and didn’t want us selling their things only for a Euro. Which is totally understandable, but I added the thought that if it’s something they would have given away for free anyway, to sell it for only a Euro surely would bring a lot of joy to the person that was fortunate enough to stumble on such a rare treasure. Just think, if we had 500 really cool things and sold them all, we could raise 500 Euros.

October’s sales doubled September’s! Mostly due to the amount of really cool clothes and random objects we had to offer. Carlos and I feel so grateful to all of you beautiful beings for assisting us with this and for coming to visit us at the markets. While all of the planning was going on for the October Two Market, a great friend Katia invited us to share a stand with her at another second hand market in front of Estació Sants. Although in the end, it seemed like a lot more energy spent than earned; it was a really nice experience and we had the chance to network a bit regarding SimpleMentesLibres.

You may be interested in a few of the random items that we found homes for… ☺
We sold a motorcycle helmet, some men’s rollerblades, a fancy Spanish evening gown, curling irons, old VHS movies, a bouncy baby chair and so much more! THANK YOU to all of you who donated things for us to sell! This is just one more wonderful example of how community can pull together to accomplish anything!

We don’t know when our next market will be, but we will keep you posted on all our latest adventures via this blog and on our other online connections!

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! Keep an eye and ear on SimpleMentesLibres to find out about our adventures across land and sea! Currently, I am writing this on the airplane. I think we are flying over a very chilly bit of Canada at the moment.

Smiles and light!

Jaime of SimpleMentesLibres